Contemporary: Regular Artists

Neale Worley

Evening Pose


Bridget Davies

Mask II - Sign of the Times


Charles Macqueen

Trinkets, Delhi


Sian Hopkinson

Five Golden Dishes


Orson Kartt

Plenty More Fish in the Sea (Variable edition of 100)


Sam Toft

The Story Box


Derek Matthews

Bull Mask "Brutus"


Sophie Dickens

'The Golf Drive' Edition 1 of 9, Set of 5


Charles Simpson

Wave, Ben Mor Coigach


Vanessa Bowman

Crocuses, Fritilliaries, and Primroses


Robert E. Wells

Goth Cow


Lotta Teale

Lilies on the Table


Michael Ashcroft

Sunset over Westminster Bridge


Marissa Weatherhead

Mediterranean Blue


Denver Sorrell

La Deuxième Supposition


Luke Martineau

Evening Star


Donald Macdonald

Jar of Butterflies II


Bridget Moore

Dance Troupe


Rob Pointon

Knightsbridge Nocturne


Michael Kirkbride

The Crazy Coqs - Dancing Figures Study I


Hannah Woodman

Zennor Blues


David Sawyer

Royal Courts of Justice - Winter's Sun


Wormwood Stubbs

Land of Sour Milk and No Honey


Michael Alford

Aldwych - Australia House


Alistair Little

The Letter


Nneka Uzoigwe

Bell, Book and Candle


Martin Llewellyn

The Old Mill


Lucy du Sautoy

Uberspace XIII


Chris Bushe

Windswept Morning across the Sound of Iona


Jane Hooper

Tomatoes and Chair


Catherine Pring



Susan Ryder

Winter Blossom


Rachel Ross

Two Spoons with White Butterfly


Simon Quadrat

Still Life by a Window


Mark Demsteader

Morning Light


Simon Davis



Archibald Dunbar McIntosh

A Lone Bather


Mungo Powney

The Café


Serena Rowe

Still life with Manet


Johan de Fre

Peeled Orange


Janice Gray



Tom Hoar

Asante Sana Lamu!


Valeria Duca



Rob Pittam

Sea Bream, Ginger and Chillis


Michael Hyam

Four Watchers West


Warwick Fuller

Shadows on the Granite, Fullers Earth


Esther Erlich



Alan Kingsbury

Montello Quartet