Below we have given you examples of how art can inspire. From looking at specific artists, to how a painting can work in a room, or just how we go about valuing and collecting art.

Delve into the depths of the artist's studio with interviews from some of our favourite contemporary artists. Highlights include Jane Hooper, Chris Bushe, Mark Demsteader, Neale Worley, Susan Ryder, Audrey Grant, Michael Hyam and Rachel Ross.

The gift of a work of art is always original but nothing is more personal than commissioning a portrait. Did you know that some of the best known artists at Panter & Hall earn their living as portrait painters? Please contact the gallery for more information.

"Panter & Hall have spent many years building lasting relationships with a number of leading interior designers and design studios. In effect we have become a one-stop shop for decorators on both sides of the pond looking to source original artworks for luxury interiors...."

"Thankfully the rather bland, unimaginative beige mist that dominated 1990s interior design has been largely forgotten and the internet has opened up a myriad of ideas for the modern decorator. One of the more popular trends in recent years has been the ‘Gallery Wall’ hang..."

"After centuries of art collecting as a pastime restricted to history’s super rich, the last fifty years have truly democratised the art worlds of most developed nations. Today more artworks are bought than sofas and, in most cases, they are acquired as part of an interior design scheme...."

"Of all gift giving surely buying art for another presents the most pitfalls. Aesthetic tastes can be violently held and difficult to second guess, the benefits of a well-chosen artwork, however, can pay dividends for years..."

"Really it is nobody’s business but your own what you choose to spend your hard-earned money on, however we do get asked what the pitfalls are so here goes...."