When one has a great enjoyment of paintings, in fact a worrying addiction to buying paintings, there are tremendous advantages to working in the art industry. However, the obvious downside is that one is exposed to the daily, or really hourly temptation of endless paintings to view, offer on, and more often than is healthy to mind and bank balance, to actually buy.

The side effects of a true art addiction, besides the ever-empty bank account, are the burgeoning piles of paintings and frames that grow like Topsy at work and at home. The only solution to the problem (discounting my wife’s suggestion of a bonfire) is to try and sell paintings as quickly as they arrive in. Admittedly this is something of a wrench, at time of purchase each painting was the most desirable, finest example, never to be seen again, just one more and then I’ll stop honestly, perfect artwork known to (this) man.

Never the less there is a secondary pleasure to this process. The perfect pairing of painting and client, the sense that the buyer before you is the only fit recipient of your treasured discovery. Recently we have started to show at the Battersea Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair and there discovered an enthusiastic audience for our particular brand of mid-century European and modern British paintings under the £1,000 threshold. The demand from clients for a permanent space to view paintings between fairs led to the basement gallery at our Cecil Court premises being turned into the new base for Panter & Hall Decorative, now expanded to upstairs as well!

We have embraced Instagram as a shopfront unique in the world of social media, it is astonishingly versatile, both as a medium for alerting existing clients to fresh stock arriving in and as a conduit to finding new buyers worldwide.

We upload new stock daily and, where practical, we are very happy to lend work out on approval to design projects. Much of our business to date has been with interior designers and we can supply work in quantity for large scale projects, either from Panter & Hall Decorative or for a more contemporary vision, from our main Panter & Hall collection.

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