Richard W Boardman (born 1944)

At an early age Richard W. Boardman was exposed to the rich use of animal imagery in Russian folk stories. His main interest continues to be in animal forms some of which combine mythical elements. Intrinsic to every work is his own highly developed sense of aesthetics and humour.

Pencil and or Pen & Ink sketches are the key and starting point for all his ideas. These sketches generate sculpture, illustration, illustrated nonsense poetry and many other projects.

RWB’s creations such as the siren, a fox, an elephant, a gecko, the sphinx are inspired by - a night at the theatre - a visit to the circus - a beach in Mauritius - a surprise trip to Egypt and other adventures.

A meticulous standard of observation combined with a sense of fun gives life to daydreams and creates a unique world populated by special creatures.

RWB attended Central School of Art & Design London.

Richard W Boardman

Wild Boar 6/20


Richard W Boardman

Dachshund 1 13/20


Richard W Boardman

Dog 4/10


Richard W Boardman

Standing Fox IV