Johan de Fre (born 1952)

Johan de Fre was born in Lokeren, Belgium in 1952. He moved to Antwerp where he became involved with the Antwerp Classical School. He is strongly influenced by the Masters of seventeenth century Dutch still life painting, particularly Jan Van Eyck and Willem Claesz Heda. His technique continues their tradition of favouring wooden panels over canvas. The faultlessly smooth surface this allows shows off Johan's extraordinarily delicate brushstrokes and unparalleled attention to detail.

These intense studies of the more complex compositions of classical still life paintings have led him to a fascination with the individual objects from which they are constructed. In his work Johann isolates each item, whether a single piece of fruit or an earthenware pot from his collection, arriving at a contemporary interpretation that refines each subject to an image of perfect simplicity and purity that raises it above its otherwise commonplace nature.

To own a work by Johan de Fre is an enormous privilege and pleasure. Each exquisite painting is a testament to his commitment to perfection.

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