Dmitry Lisichenko (born 1976)

Dmitriy Lisichenko was born of Ukrainian heritage into a musical family in Moscow in 1976. He trained at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute, attended the Moscow Art Lyceum, and later the Surikov Art Institute, where he came under the influence of distinguished professors, Eugeny Maximov and Ivan Lubennikov. He initially worked on restoring the murals in Moscow Cathedral. 

An artist and lover of art since childhood, over time he developed his delicate, romantic style. Lisichenko’s pieces are often of elegant, mysterious women in atmospheric surroundings and he uses a distinctive palette of soft, pastel shades. His paintings follow in the tradition of the Russian Romantic Realists, such as the writer and philosopher Ayn Rand.

Lisichenko is a popular artist, whose work is exhibited internationally and held in collections in the UK, Switzerland, France, Italy, Japan, America, Ireland, Hong Kong and South Africa. The quality and the technical mastery of Lisichenko’s paintings means that his work is much admired.

Dmitry Lisichenko

Turquoise & Red