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Art by room

We know it's a wonderful experience buying a painting, but the next part of the purchase is where should my painting go? Which room will my art work here a few Panter & Hall tips...

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Dining Room

Certain pictures we look at and they simply shout ‘Dining Room Picture’. Regardless of style or period, some subjects seem obvious dining companions. A still life of fruit, a sumptuous table of game and wine, bottles and wine glasses in varying stages of consumption, all fit the bill.

View art suitable for a dining room

Drawing Room

The room of the house where most subjects seem right, except perhaps a rather too racy nude study. The main public room is where your blockbuster pieces can be shown off – landscapes, portraits, still life and marine paintings – frankly an opportunity to express yourself.

View art suitable for a drawing room


A very personal room that can tend to be a low key and contemplative space. Perhaps a space for subtler, gentler works – watercolours, drawings or etchings that would be lost visually in the larger public areas.

View art suitable for a study

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