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Lotta Teale

Copper Kettle, Pomegranate, Lamp and Jug


David Remfry RA

Couples Dancing


Stephen Bone (1904-1958)

Shadows on Fresh Snow


Simon Davis

Woman in Black


Serena Rowe

Still life with Manet


James Orr (1931-2019)

Finca, Andratx (Majorca)


Warwick Fuller

Bulrushes on the Edge of Lake Wallace


Edward Beale (1950-2017)

Late Afternoon Sunshine on Mountains near Spain


Christine Woodside

Moonlit Dance


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Sunday Afternoon, Aberdare


Linda Sutton

Polar Bear - Endangered Species II


Glen Preece



Bertram Priestman RA (1868-1951)

Tilbury Landing Stage


Serena Rowe

Black Petunia and Blue Cloth


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Centre of Attention


Nick Tidnam

Beach Form


Janice Gray

There's really no need to stare


Michael Kirkbride

The Attendant


Heather Copley (1918-2001)



Wormwood Stubbs

Land of Sour Milk and No Honey


Hannah Woodman

Zennor Blues


Paul Maze (1887-1979)



Sian Hopkinson

Orchid in Copper


Luke Dillon-Mahon (1917-1997)

Flooded cut-away Bog and trees, Autumn, near Clonbrock, County Galway


Michael Kirkbride

The Crazy Coqs - Dancing Figures Study II


Karl Terry

Evening Cliffs, Polzeath


Paul Maze (1887-1979)

Jessie by the Well


Salliann Putman

Pink Sky


James Parfitt

St. Martins, Île de Ré


Sian Hopkinson

Four Pink and White Roses


Craig Mulholland

Portrait Study


Jane Hooper

Sweet Peas


Bernard Fleetwood-Walker RA (1893-1965)

Portrait of a Debutante


Gordon Wyllie (1930-2005)

Houses by the River


Sam Toft

On their way to pastures greener


Sam Toft

The Silent Listeners


Doris Clare Zinkeisen (1898-1991)

Society Portrait, circa 1930


Bridget Moore

Saturday Afternoon


Caroline McAdam Clark

Shipping Forecast: Thames Dover


Alexander Galt (1913-2000)

Orange & Yellow Flowers in Blue Vase


Hannah Woodman

Sea Mists, Cornwall


Wormwood Stubbs



Francis Dodd RA (1874-1949)

Elm Trees in the Suburbs


Charles Macqueen

Trinkets, Delhi


Marissa Weatherhead

Mediterranean View


William Frederick Foster (1883-1953)

Nude Untying her Hair


Michael Ashcroft

Sunset over Westminster Bridge


Guy Roddon (1919-2006)