David Tägtström (1894-1981)

From an early age he studied at various schools before entering the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm for three years from 1913. He studied etching under Axel Tallberg, finding he had a real talent for the medium he was soon considered one of Sweden's foremost graphic artists in drypoint engraving. Around 1920 he abandoned the graphic arts to become a portrait painter. Five years later, the award of the Uno Troilis scholarship at the Academy of Arts allowed him to travel to America to hone his craft. On his return to Sweden in the late 1920s he began a long and successful career, painting the great and the good (and possibly also bad) of the Swedish hierarchy. Commissions came from the Swedish parliament, universities, hospitals and all the senior members of the Royal Family. He was elected a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1937 and is represented in many Swedish public collections including three portraits in the National Museum and a Princess in the National Portrait Collection at Gripsholm Castle.
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