Richard Sowman

Richard Sowman studied at Byam Shaw and Falmouth School of Art from 1971 to 1975 where his tutors included Euan Uglow, Francis Hewlett and Bob Organ. Currently based in Cornwall, Richard is a highly respected and dedicated painter with work shown at the Royal Academy and galleries throughout Europe. After art school he worked for many years in carpentry and sailing boats returning to full-time painting in 1999.

His paintings are technically superb pictorial essays in light and shade; each capturing what he describes as ‘a dramatic alchemy’, the transformation of things and places when hit by sunlight or immersed in shadow. Although unpopulated, his works are full of narrative and often an element of mystery. His eye seeks the quiet places left by humanity: the relics of a once busy boat shed or a seemingly abandoned jetty, a terrace of empty chairs vacated minutes or perhaps years before. There are however no ghosts in these timeless corners of old France, instead Richard shows us a warm, inviting, sun dappled world of tranquility and beauty.

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