Flora Rosalia Heilmann (1872-1944)

A brief exploration of Flora Heilmann’s online presence is entirely depressing. Her stock in trade were floral still life paintings in the late Victorian fashion that ‘Twee’ doesn’t begin to cover. Anyone still wondering why IKEA wiped out Laura Ashley should look no further. Having said that there was clearly so much more to her as an artist. Born in Copenhagen she was the daughter of one successful Danish painter and the pupil of another, Frederik Vermehren. In 1896 she married a priest and accompanied him to the Faroe Islands where they settled for a decade. Her paintings from this time recorded the historic traditions, folk costumes and ways of life of the Islanders and are now held in the library at their Capital, Tórshavn. The collection is considered a priceless cultural archive depicting a world now largely gone from the Islands.

Flora Heilmann (1872-1944)

Portrait of a Young Boy