David Storey (born 1954)

"My paintings are an exploration of memory. They offer glimpsed or half-remembered figures and faces – 're-imagined ancestors' recovered from a personal archive of the forgotten 

“I come from West Cumbria, which is an isolated, bleak coastal plain, welded onto the side of the Lake District. The municipal buildings and churches are mainly Victorian and built of sand stone that turns black when it rains... and it rains an awful lot there. This melancholy and primordial world is the one that often features in my work

“Wherever possible I paint using my fingers, palette knives and rags instead of brushes, I achieve a much more expressive result and find I can create a fuller range of tones, colours, textures and lines working this way"
– David Storey

David studied art and design at Middlesex University before embarking on a successful career as an album cover artist. He was subsequently inspired to focus on painting after attending a summer school at The Slade School of Art in 1996.

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