Art by Room: Drawing Room

The room of the house where most subjects seem right, except perhaps a rather too racy nude study. The main public room is where your blockbuster pieces can be shown off – landscapes, portraits, still life and marine paintings – frankly an opportunity to express yourself.
Jonny Hannah

Jimmy the Saint Ed. 32 of 50


Carl Cheek (1927-2011)

Westminster Bridge


Mark Demsteader

Moorland VIII


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Dressed for Tennis


Jonas Plosky (1940-2011)

A Day on the River


Zarina Stewart Clark

Early Light across Loch Etive from Mull


Craig Mulholland

Portrait Study


Claire Wiltsher



John Brenton

Cornish Rocks and Breakers


Susan Ryder

Champagne Breakfast


Norman Adams RA (1927-2005)



Simon Laurie



Lotta Teale

Umbrella on the terrace


Audrey Grant

Nu II (moving)


Glen Preece

Composition for Piano


Zarina Stewart Clark

Light and Rain, Skye from Northern Minch


Glen Preece

Piano Music for Trees


Sam Toft

Land Ahoy! (14 of 22 sold)


James Orr (1931-2019)

Finca, Andratx (Majorca)


Donald Macdonald

Pour #2


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

House Of Commons, 27th July 1945


Arvid Johanson (1862-1923)

Steamer in Fog


Luke Dillon-Mahon (1917-1997)

Flood Water near Moycullen, Connemara


Charles Macqueen

Carpets, Marrakech


Jakob Kulle Ohlsson (1838-1898)

Woman Dressing


Simon Laurie

Indian Summer


Ivar Morsing (1919-2009)

Abstract Room


Warwick Fuller

Golden Wattle, Fullers Earth


Anne Redpath RSA (1895-1965)

Windsor Flower (ed. of 75)


Louise Howard



Paul Maze (1887-1979)

Tea on the Lawn, Treyford


Carl Malchin (1838-1923)

Seaplane of the Imperial German Air Force over the Baltic Coast, 1918


Mid 20th Century Swedish School

Abstract Forms


Simon Quadrat

Street Scene with Five Characters


Charlie Boyle



Derek Matthews



Richard Demarco

Via Giudici Ventimiglia, 1967


Guy Roddon (1919-2006)



Louise Howard

Spill your Guts


Charles Wyatt Warren (1908-1993)

Lake Mymbyr and the Snowdonia Horseshoe


Margarete 'Grete' Marks (1899-1990)

Norland Lake from the Artist's House


Audrey Grant

Nu I (seated)


Philip John Whitten

Interior with the Artist's Wife


Louise Howard

Small Beasts


Louise Howard

Sunday Service


Paul Maze (1887-1979)

Jessie Gardening


Hannah Woodman

Evening Light, Storm Coming, Gwithian


Sam Toft

More than Words can say