Art by Room: Drawing Room

The room of the house where most subjects seem right, except perhaps a rather too racy nude study. The main public room is where your blockbuster pieces can be shown off – landscapes, portraits, still life and marine paintings – frankly an opportunity to express yourself.
Simon Quadrat

The Family


Susan Ryder

Winter Blossom


David Sawyer

Chiesa di San Domenico, Palermo, Sicily


Catherine Pring



Norman Adams RA (1927-2005)



James Orr (1931-2019)

Portnahaven, Islay


Hannah Woodman

Autumn Seas, Sennen


Tom Hoar

Mother Ivey’s Bay


Paul Lewis Clemens (1911-1992)

Resting Model


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

House Of Commons, 27th July 1945


Richard W Boardman

Dachshund 12/20


Warwick Fuller

Cockatoos on the front Lawn, Little Hartley


Oona Campbell

Heather in Flower (Coverdale, North Yorkshire)


Audrey Grant

Nu I (seated)


Simon Davis

Last Goodbye


Hugh Munro (1873-1928)

The Milkmaid


Malcolm Teasdale

Mineral Line


Bridget Moore

Hats Off


Claire Wiltsher

Absorbing Green


James Orr (1931-2019)

Fruit & Cakes


James Orr (1931-2019)

Finca, Andratx (Majorca)


Gote Birger Ljungqvist (1894-1965)

Peasant Girls in the Studio


Richard W Boardman

Standing Fox IV


John Boyd RP RGI (1940-2001)

Man with Boat


William Dring RA (1904-1990)



Archibald Dunbar McIntosh

A Lone Bather


William H Barribal (1873-1956)

Woman in Yellow


Christine Woodside

Harlequin Jug


Charles Macqueen

Trinkets, Venice


Chris Bushe

Wild Atlantic, Islay


Zarina Stewart Clark

Light and Rain - Gigha, Islay


Jonny Hannah

Jimmy the Saint Ed. 32 of 50


Claire Wiltsher

Ripples Under the Surface II


Gordon Wyllie (1930-2005)

Cattle in the Trees


Josef Herman RA (1911-2000)

Field Workers


William Birnie (1929-2006)

The Campsies from Balfron


Michael Hyam

The Last Stroke of Midnight


Howard Milton

Vintage Girls Go Shopping


Charles Macqueen

Side Altar, Spoleto


Christine Woodside

Bird Dance


Victor Hume Moody (1896-1990)

Ernest Thesiger


Simon Laurie

Winter Trees


Esther Erlich

Wild Westerners


Catherine Pring



Peter Cumming (1916-1993)

Old Brighton


Mungo Powney

The Apothecary


Neale Worley

Boats on the Beach, Gambia


James Naughton