Art by Colour: Orange

Patrice Lombardi

Rose & Lilies on Orange


William Frederick Foster (1883-1953)

Nude Untying her Hair


James Cumming RSA (1922-1996)

Copper Beech


Guy Roddon (1919-2006)

Staircase and Window Box


Alice Boggis-Rolfe

Still Life with Irises and an Ostrich Egg


Johan de Fre

Tangerines and Clementines


Janice Gray

That time of year


Alice Boggis-Rolfe

Geraniums, Geum and Nasturtiums


Jane Hooper

Orange Bunch


Charles MacQueen

Spice Shop Window


William Dring RA (1904-1990)



James Orr (1931-2019)

The Blue Sail


Warwick Fuller

Down in a Blaze of Glory, Capertee Valley


Catherine Pring



Janice Gray

Agapanthus and Nuthatch


Simon Laurie

Winter Moon


Rob Pointon

The Sword and the Crown, Beating Retreat 2021


Chris Bushe

Glorious Evening Sky, the Ross of Mull


Chris Bushe

Late Autumn, Loch Torridon


Wormwood Stubbs



Wormwood Stubbs

Without U


Wormwood Stubbs

But How Can the World Keep Turning


Wormwood Stubbs

Devotion in D Minor


Alex Uxbridge

Road to Grasse