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Annie Boisseau

A Winter's Walk


Wormwood Stubbs

Land of Sour Milk and No Honey


Feliks Topolski RA (1907-1989)

Police, Danger, Unexploded bomb


Warwick Fuller

Morning Sun, Fullers Earth


Simon Quadrat

Street Scene with Five Characters


Martin Llewellyn

Towards y Lliwedd


Patricia Algar (1939-2013)

Dried Sunflowers


Sian Hopkinson

Conference Pears and Dish against Stone


Michael Kirkbride

The Attendant


Serena Rowe

Black Petunia and Blue Cloth


Christine Woodside

Fruit Stall, Venice


Camden Town School

Seen it all before


Bridget Davies

The Champagne Night


Sam Toft

Hold on tight my friends


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Circus Elephants


Michael Kirkbride

Costume Drawing - Compositional Study I


Ian Houston (1934 - 2021)

A Fen Landscape near The Wash


Margarete 'Grete' Marks (1899-1990)



Sophie Dickens

'Hound I' Edition 1 of 9


Charles Macqueen

Side Altar, Spoleto


Paul Maze (1887-1979)

Vuillard having his hair cut


Thomas Brown Clark (1895-1983)

Continental Shoreline


Liz Butler

Late February Afternoon, Gloucestershire


Mike Bernard

City Lights, The Thames


David Donaldson RSA (1916-1996)



William Crosbie RSA RGI (1915-1999)

The Muses say our Sister is Ill


Mungo Powney

The Denim Jacket


Michael Hyam

Sing a Song for Us!


Mungo Powney

Still Life With Parrots


Helen Fay

Attention! Ed. 4 of 65


Margarete 'Grete' Marks (1899-1990)

Scots Castle


Ken White

Sunday Visit


David Sawyer

Venetian Façade


Nick Tidnam

Beach Form


George Devlin (1937–2014)

Girl in Pink


Peter Brannan RBA (1926-1994)

Nottinghamshire Market Square


David Sawyer

Waterloo Bridge from Temple Embankment


Steve Whitehead

Romantic Landscape


Bridget Davies

Catch Me If You Can III


Howard Milton

Vintage Girls Go Shopping


Christine Woodside

Lonesome Dove


Derek Matthews

Tiger and Bird


Mungo Powney

Winter Light in the Garden


Simon Davis



Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Model in Evening Dress


Barbara Richardson

Hammershoi and the Apothocarys Cup


Rob Pittam

Mackerel and Carrots


Caroline McAdam Clark

Shipping Forecast: Forth