This page contains everything we currently have available at Panter & Hall. New work is added regularly but please contact us at if you have any questions.
Bridget Moore

Two Horse Trick


Martin Llewellyn

Ceibwr Bay


Luke Martineau

White Sand, Shoe Bay


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Self Portrait of the Artist - drawing


Luke Dillon-Mahon (1917-1997)

St. Forgeot, Burgundy


Stephen Bone (1904-1958)

View of Tenby, 1940's


Esther Erlich



Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

In the Nineties


Lotta Teale

Afternoon in the Hall


Paul Maze (1887-1979)

The Cottage at Treyford


Ian Houston (1934 - 2021)

High Water at Brancaster Staithe


Mike Bernard

Mountains and Hamlet, Skye


Gwilym Prichard (1931-2015)

Welsh Hillside


Warwick Fuller

Tranquil Water, Scotts Head


Luke Martineau

Duke of York Square Decked Out with Flags


Bridget Davies

Catch Me If You Can III


Alexander Galt (1913-2000)

Portrait of a Working Man


Luke Martineau

Three Fishermen


Sir William Russell Flint

Autumn at Morar


Richard W Boardman

Standing Fox IV


Valeria Duca

Self Portrait with Halo


Sam Toft

Smells like rain


Johan de Fre

Peeled Orange


Valeria Duca

Refugees Sleeping II


Warwick Fuller

Down in a Blaze of Glory, Capertee Valley


Tom Hoar

Jambo Peponi!


Valeria Duca



Neil Bousfield

Windy Walcott


Peter Howson

Mathias Greenwoods Vision


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

In the Studio


Sir Samuel Henry William Llewellyn (1858-1941)

A society Beauty


Stephen Bone (1904-1958)

Vale of Health Pond, Hampstead


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Centre of Attention


Peter Cumming (1916-1993)

Old Brighton


Feliks Topolski RA (1907-1989)

HRH Diana Princess of Wales being given away at the Altar


Donald Macdonald

Yellow Rose


Paul Maze (1887-1979)

Jessie Drying


Sian Hopkinson

Green Orchid in Copper Pot


Michael Ashcroft

Standing Tall, St Paul's Cathedral


Michael Kirkbride

Bamboo Drawing Class - Study I


Luke Martineau

Upstream Past Albert Bridge II


Gordon Wyllie (1930-2005)

Houses by the River


Sophie Dickens

'Monkey II' Edition 1 of 9


Derek Matthews



Neale Worley

Three Figures in a Landscape


Orson Kartt

Chop and Change (Variable edition of 100)


Edward Dalton Stevens (1878-1939)

A Study in Green


Sandy Murphy

Moorland Nightfall