Luke Martineau is happy to accept portrait commissions of all shapes and sizes, from family groups and children to more formal or official subjects. Highlights of the last five years include painting Her Majesty The Queen visiting Eton College and a full-length portrait of the Lord Mayor of London in 2011. He exhibits publicly, notably achieving Runner-up in the Garrick/Milne portrait competition in 2003.

Martineau 1

‘‘To all those who wonder, what can I give the man or woman who has everything in life? - I have the answer: it is a conversation piece of your children, or the whole family, enjoying a typical moment in their busy lives. In all seriousness, if there is anything, I consider that I humbly bring to the picnic of portrait-painting, it is the desire, and hopefully ability, to find something lovely and enduring in the mundane moments of family life. I think this is mainly because I am a landscape-turned-portrait painter, rather than the other way round, and also because I enjoy a nice bit of still life. And because I am a painter who makes marks, and builds up the surface with touches. This means, very often, the best work is done quickly, so that areas of paint, once wrought, stand as they are.’’

- Luke Martineau

Martineau 2

Quotes from satisfied customers:

‘‘We couldn’t be more thrilled with Luke’s portrait. The whole process was a pleasure from beginning to end, and the picture entirely captures our children and is a treasured reminder of that moment in time.’’

‘‘We will never tire of this wonderful portrait. It is certainly my most treasured belonging and I feel so lucky to have been given this for my 40th present from my husband.’’

Martineau 3

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