Tim Gustard: Five Still Lifes

Tim was born in Lincolnshire, the son of a railwayman and amateur artist. He often went to work with his father who taught him to draw and paint in between trains. By the age of six he had conquered perspective and by seven he was painting in oils, at fifteen he began selling his work and by the sixth form he was commanding up to a princely £50 a painting, not bad for 1972 and seven teen years old.

He attended art school in Staffordshire and gained a BA (hons) in fine art. Here he met his wife Marion who had the most profound effect on the quality of his work, appearing in three paintings at his degree show.

Fast forward to the late 1980s and Tim was exhibiting in many prestigious open exhibitions around the country notably the Royal Academy; Royal Glasgow Institute; Royal Institute of Oil Painters; Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours; and for eleven successive years, the Royal Scottish Academy. In 1990 he painted his first still life–as a present for Marion–and he enjoyed painting it so much he just carried on with one still life after another. He was spotted at the RSA by a succession of galleries and could become a full-time professional in the early 90s.

His work was in great demand by 1997 when he moved to the Lake District. From a bespoke studio at the bottom of the garden he paints in acrylic in a somewhat traditional manner with a modern twist, never photo realistic but certainly realistic, tempting the viewers to try to pick an object or piece of fruit from a painting’s surface. His titles, often humorous, are mainly courtesy of Marion.

He paints most beautiful and precious items from life, carefully composing them in his studio which is a cornucopia of antique silver, porcelain and glass, some ancient artefacts are early Greek and Roman and all appear in his work sooner or later.

He has had many solo exhibitions, all over the country, with many selling out immediately. He regularly exhibits at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour at the Mall Galleries.

He paints almost every day, Marion keeping him tied to the easel to keep her in the manner to which she has become accustomed, occasionally allowing him a few hours fishing when the weather is suitable.

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Tim Gustard

Sweet Strawberries


Tim Gustard

The Restoration Man


Tim Gustard

Claret Spinner


Tim Gustard

Recently Decanted


Tim Gustard

...And on the Cheeseboard