Peter Goodfellow (born 1950)

Peter’s professional career as a freelance illustrator was mainly in the field of book jacket, advertising and packaging design. With agents in new York, Hamburg and London, he established himself as one of Europe’s leading illustrators.  In 1995 Peter switched careers and established himself as one of Scotland’s foremost landscape painters.  Over the last few years a new direction has emerged featuring portraits and the urban environment, and in some works a highly political content is beginning to evolve.


1967–8 Foundation course, Middlesbrough College of Art

1967–71 Degree course, Central School of Art, London


2000–2 commissioned by the Hon Philip Astor to design and paint a series of art works (24) and three stained glass windows for private chapel in Migvie, Aberdeenshire.

Collections, Public and Commercial

Victoria & Albert Museum, Saatchi &Saatchi Penguin Books, Baxter’s Foods, William Collins & Sons, ICL, National Savings, British Telecom, Quantas Airlines, Scania Motors, Whitbread, Bergsoe 3, CBC, Grisewood & Dempsey Publisher, BBC, Intergrated Engineering Services, Cidel Bank, Peter Justenson,Duncan & Todd, Scandutch

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