David Jagger RP ROI (1891-1958)

David Jagger was and English portrait painter. He was born in Kilnhurst, Rotherham, but later lived in London. Aged 14 he was apprenticed to a lithographer before turning his attention to pastel works. He studied at Sheffield School of Art and was a contemporary of Stanley Royle. Jagger’s older brother and younger sister Charles and Edith were also successful artists. For several years Jagger worked in Sheffield painting portraits of local dignitaries and businessmen like John Graves. He was snubbed by some for painting portraits from photographs but quickly developed a reputation for crisp brushstrokes and the ability to capture his sitters’ poise and dignity.

David Jagger specialised in portraits of royalty, painting Queen Mary twice (in 1930 and 1932) and began a portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh but died before completing it. His unfinished portrait of Prince Philip is displayed at the Cutler’s Hall in Sheffield. Jagger said: ‘Anyone who wants me to undertake a commission must be prepared to wait.’

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