Contemporary: Best Selling Artists

Luke Martineau

Still Life with Freesias, Green Jug and Silver


Johan de Fre

Big Plums


Ian Houston

A Sailing Junk at Stanley Bay- Hong Kong


Susan Ryder

Morning Room with Orchid


Chris Bushe

Golden Sun, Watching from the Walls of Siena


Simon Laurie

Winter Offerings


Warwick Fuller

Kangaroos at Sunset, Kanimbla


Rachel Ross

Small Spoons


Martin Llewellyn

Llyn Mymbyr


Donald Macdonald

Audacity #3


Audrey Grant

You swam here, from Abydus distant shore Part IV


Mark Demsteader

By The Riverbank


PJ Crook

Coming to the Table


Sam Toft

Watching the World Go by


Christine Woodside

Winter Doves, Fife


Simon Quadrat

A Strange Encounter


Alan Kingsbury

Silver Teapot with Orange