Contemporary: Best Selling Artists

Chris Bushe

Wild Atlantic, Islay


PJ Crook

Weekend of 7th & 8th March


Mark Demsteader

In Arcadia Study V


Valeria Duca

Self Portrait with Halo


Warwick Fuller

In the Midday Sun, Mumbil


Tom Hoar

Shadows over the Links Course, Arisaig


Michael Hyam

Blazing Apostles


Simon Laurie

Red Earth and Moon


Martin Llewellyn

Path to the Cottages


Donald Macdonald

The Butterfly Girl


Luke Martineau

St Martin’s-in-the-Fields


Simon Quadrat

Street Scene with Five Characters


Rachel Ross

Arranged Implements with Green Ribbon


Susan Ryder

Wine and Flowers


Sam Toft

Dancing in our Slippers


Christine Woodside

Spanish Window