Art by Room: Bedroom

A very personal room that can tend to be a low key and contemplative space. Perhaps a space for subtler, gentler works – watercolours, drawings or etchings that would be lost visually in the larger public areas.
Chris Bushe

Watching a Summer Sun Go Down, the Ross of Mull


Sam Toft

Bringing Sunshine


Feliks Topolski RA (1907-1989)

Cavalry Club, 1939


Michael Kirkbride

The India Club


Mike Bernard



Bridget Moore

Hats Off


Neale Worley

Bella Tying her Hair


Sam Toft

The importance of small things


Warwick Fuller

Going Fishing, Chaffey Dam


Sam Toft

I’ll miss you. A lot


Sarah Spencer

Cley Sketch


Esther Erlich



Edward Wolfe (1897-1982)

Portrait of a Young Girl


Mark Demsteader

Georgina IX


Neale Worley



Luke Dillon-Mahon (1917-1997)

St. Forgeot, Burgundy


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Model in Evening Dress


Sam Toft

Everything else can wait


Richard W Boardman

Dog 4/10


Elizabeth Neville

Recumbent in Prussian Blue


Neale Worley



Gordon Wyllie (1930-2005)

Twilight Landscape


Gordon Wyllie (1930-2005)

White Gable


Sian Hopkinson



Saied Dai

Figure in a Doorway


David Donaldson RSA (1916-1996)



Sian Hopkinson

Black Grapes on Pink


John Boyd RP RGI (1940-2001)

Self Portrait with Estrild


Thomas Hovell Shanks

Assisi from the Hill Above


Paul Maze (1887-1979)

Sussex Landscape


Stephen Bone (1904-1958)

Ringwood, Hampshire


Sam Toft

Smells like rain


Richard Sorrell

In the Garden


Andrea Byrne



Gordon Wyllie (1930-2005)

Houses by the River


Carl Malchin (1838-1923)

Seaplane of the Imperial German Air Force over the Baltic Coast, 1918


Sam Toft

Blind date at the sugar maple


Christine Woodside

Warm Inside


20th Century British School

A Victorian Child


Julian Sutherland Beatson

Near Rue Lafayette, Paris


Saied Dai



Alberto Morrocco RSA (1917-1998)

Low Tide, Benholm, 1961


Steven Spurrier RA (1878-1961)

Sunday Afternoon, Aberdare


Alexander Galt (1913-2000)

Reclining Nude


Sian Hopkinson



Neale Worley



Christine Woodside

Casa Salviati


Paul Barnes

Portrait of a Pink Rabbit