Art by Colour: Pink

Paul Maze (1887-1979)

Jessie Dressing in Pink


Bridget Davies

Birdy Shoes


Esther Erlich



George Devlin (1937–2014)

Girl in Pink


Margarete 'Grete' Marks (1899-1990)

Pink Cottage, Dent, Yorkshire


Jeka Kemp (1876–1966)

Sculptor with her plaster Model


Warwick Fuller

Crescendo, Little Hartley


Denver Sorrell

Le Buveur


Alfred Kingsley Lawrence RA RP (1893-1978)

In the Tropics


William Crosbie RSA RGI (1915-1999)

The Muses say our Sister is Ill


Ida Cooke (1909-1982)

The Race, 1970


Christine Woodside

New Moon


Sian Hopkinson

Black Grapes on Pink


Johan de Fre

Fresh Plums


Chris Bushe

July Evening, Fidden, The Isle of Mull


Lotta Teale

Asparagus with Pink Striped Cloth


Lotta Teale

Cyclamen on the Windowsill


Lotta Teale



Denver Sorrell

The Yellow Book


David Storey

In my Mind - Susan


David Storey

The Pianist


David Storey

The Sun’s Companion


Haidee-Jo Summers VPROI RSMA

Spring trees by Lake Windermere