A Dealer's Eye

30 MARCH - 29 MAY

"My apologies for the rather pompous title but after much discussion with my colleagues it was decided that ‘They’re my pictures, I just want to be alone with them’ and ‘Nothing to see here please move on to Philip Mould next door’ would probably send the wrong marketing message. Anyway, while feeling the reluctance to part with any of my precious charges, I am aware of the need, in these straightened times, to actually offer some for sale. After all, I’ve been reminded, that is the Panter & Hall raison d'être. Apparently.

So here we are, forty-six original works from the vaults, all carefully chosen, acquired over a couple of decades and in some cases only recently cleaned and framed before the current crisis shut the off-line world down."

- Matthew Hall

© Panter & Hall

William Dring RA (1904-1990)



Ida Cooke (1909-1982)

Fruit Still Life, 1963


Victor Ambrus

Saskia, 1994


Toby Horne Shepherd (1909-1993)

Head of a Girl, 1940s


Leon Underwood

London Garden Square


Johannes Joseph Rover (1893-1976)



Edward Wolfe (1897-1982)

Portrait of a Young Girl


Derwent Lees (1885-1931)



Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson ARA (1889-1946)

Nude Study in a Bedroom


Avraham Binder (1906-2001)

Summer at the Beach


William Drummond Bone (1907-1979)

Scottish fishing village


Josef Herman RA (1911-2000)

Study for 'Men at Rest, Men at Work'


Ida Cooke (1909-1982)

The Competitor