Simon Quadrat - Coming Soon

Simon Quadrat:
There is no Correct Time

18th May - 4th June 2021

Simon Quadrat was born in London in 1946, the son of Jewish émigrés who separately fled Germany in the 1930s. During his school years he painted factories and desolate urban landscapes. Reading and visiting art galleries became part of his lifestyle; however, he has stated that at that time he “had no thought of becoming an artist.” Instead he read law at university and went on to establish himself as a criminal barrister in the Temple in London and then from 1985, in Bristol. When not at work, he spent many hours painting and playing the piano. Yet, after thirty years, Simon “succumbed to a strong urge to paint professionally and so gave up the Bar to become a full time artist.”

If you would like to receive notification of when the paintings become available please contact or telephone 0207 399 9999.