Dominique Salm

Dominique's remarkably naturalistic portraits of animal subjects are depicted on a clean white background, which not only creates a dramatic graphic image, but conveys her modern aesthetic. Each image has an almost snap-shot quality, showing her unique ability of capturing the personality of each animal and imparting humour, character and whimsy to many of her pieces. " I have always seen the human side in animals - the way they make you laugh or sympathise with them with an action or an expression. I paint mainly from my own photos but can sometimes spend hours watching the subject as it's all about capturing that single moment."

Dominique frequently spends her summers in Africa where she is able to spend days and weeks watching her chosen subjects. Being one of her favourite animals to draw, Dominique has done a lot of work with a few elephant charities. Over the years, she has donated works to Tusk, had a recent solo exhibition in aid of the David Sheldrake Wildlife Trust and had the privilege to be asked to design one of the elephants in the 2010 London Elephant Parade. Her design went on to be sponsored by Traffic and bought at auction by a private collector for £14,000.

Dominique has quickly become an acclaimed wildlife artist and consequently her paintings are now highly sought after by private collectors and art dealers worldwide. She has exhibited in London and New York and Paris, has been highly commendedin the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year, several years in a row and is winner of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009, World Mammals category. In 2013, her ostrich painting “Rubbernecking” was chosen to for the international Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin. 

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