Andrew Squire (born 1954)

Andrew Squire was born in 1954. He originally trained as an architect graduating from Manchester University but for the last thirty years has been a professional artist and designer, based in Glasgow.  Andrew has travelled and exhibited widely, with residencies in Iceland, Canada, Nepal, and Tanzania. His paintings are deceptively simple drawing variously on the elemental space and light of the west of Scotland, the inner landscape of the subconscious, and iconic images of birds and beasts.

Speaking about his art work Andrew Squires says "Following my growing commitment to ecology and sustainability, my artwork is continuing to make a steady move away from an anthropocentric perspective, towards geocentrism. Put plainly, and despite the subtext of the last 2,500 years of Western culture, humans and their doings are not the centre of the universe. The theme of much of my art work has been a contemplation of the boundaries of the tangible world and that which lies beyond, using a visual language of isolated iconic and archetypal images, often of animals and birds, carefully placed in their pictorial space."

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