A Conversation with Athol Whitmore

Published 2 August 2017

Athol Whitmore is one of Panter and Hall’s more extravagant artist. So we thought we would ask him some questions to find out what inspires and motivates him. We currently have a range of his works hanging in our Cecil Court gallery and they can be seen on our website http://www.panterandhall.com/artist/athol-whitmore/Available-or-Enquire#works

The Daughter Blue, Grey and Pink

The Daughter Blue, Grey and Pink

What inspires your work?


I am a collector of items - some may say a hoarder. This process inspires me to create a variety of different works in a variety of mediums.


How do you decide the medium?


My choice of medium and image is an organic process that happens not only in my studio but in my home where my found items live. The objects are important as they have an instilled past which I discuss by contemporizing them with my images.


Memory and nostalgia also play a large part in my practice. I want to recall my own childhood, which I seem to have little memory of - and I want the viewer to also engage with the work though memory via the object/image.

Young Athol

Young Athol

Do you have a favourite?


I particularity love my works on glass/mirror. I love the clarity of line and the impact of image that can be achieved in that medium.

Daughter 2

Daughter 2


How would you describe your work?


I would describe my work as cross disciplinary. I enjoy trying new mediums and working with different objects. 

Boy Blue

Boy Blue

Can you send us some pictures of your studio and your sketch books?


I don’t tend to use sketch books but have a bureau filled with images/objects.

Athol's Studio

Athol's Studio

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